Therapeutic Tarot

Energy Guidance

In the past therapeutic tarot was considered divination, but in reality it is a therapeutic method

that helps us understand what is going on at the present time of our life and what is blocking

us. Since our way of thinking and acting, which governs our lives, comes from what we have

learned in the past and it may not be serving us anymore.

Tarot shows us where we are repeating behaviors and how we can transform these habits to

our advantage, giving us clarity to discern how best to move forward.

Sandra Tarot
In a Tarot session, intuitively and connected with the client, new paths are explored. Pointing out different directions to reflect on the messages brought in this moment of reading. We show parts of our future, which we can go through and the choices that one can make.

Awaken your conscience now and have a more authentic life.

This method connects with the client’s energiy of the moment in order to show what they are and to demonstrate, from the connection with your most intimate and essential energy, what is the most intrinsic desire of your being.

My connection to tarot comes from my childhood because my mother loved to open the cards to receive intuitive tarot directions as if it were a compass for her day.

With tarot messages, we can navigate the waters of our lives with more safety and wisdom. It makes it possible to know our emotions, bringing the necessary strength to get around any situation, implementing new experiences.