Energetic Healing

Timeline brings deep healing as it connects us with feelings that influence us today from the past. These influences can come from current relationships or our relationship to our ancestry.


This therapy uses cutting cords energetically to unlink previous influences from past or present lives, so that, little by little and with people's awareness, energy release occurs, from which the client begins to enjoy self-esteem, courage and clarity.


Timeline is done in a loving, generous and compassionate way, respecting all techniques and observing all laws of the universe. That's why life begins to flow.


During the session, cleaning of chips, implants and contagions is also performed, as well as thought forms and all negativity from your auric field.


Energetic Healing

Connection with the Theta Wave and The Creator of all There Is that brings a resignifying of our believes and limitations that we carry inside us.

It is a deep work done with love and kindness where we identify the root of these thoughts and traumas. This way we reframe all in a highest and more connected with who we are.

Thetahealing bring to us teaching and learning throughout all discovers that we make about ourselves. Allowing us to live a joyful and lighter life.